Our customer testimonials provide you with an overview of the services you can expect from us. Every client is important, and we offer a full range of services from advising on trademark applications anywhere in the world, through to dealing with objections to trademarks and complex disputes and we are proud of our high success rates in all spheres of our work.

Here’s what our clients say about us.

“My company owns a large portfolio of brands including DFND and ODOLLS COLLECTION. I have been represented by Trademark Eagle on a range of matters over the last few years. I appreciate the direct access to the trademark consultants when I have a new trademark and the service is quick and efficient for getting my brands cleared and filed.

We have been involved in a number of complex trademark disputes and having the same experienced attorney, who knows our commercial interests and understands our businesses, deal with these, means we can short circuit problems and we achieve the outcomes we need as trademarks owners. If I have any questions or concerns – I know I only need to call.

Great teamwork!”

Martyn Warden, CEO


We have been continually impressed by the quality of Trademark Eagle’s work, their speed of response and their attention to detail. Advice has always been spot-on, and they have helped us to successfully navigate some tricky trademarking issues, both for our clients and our own company.

Jo Yeaman MD

MIH Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Trademark Eagle to help us with our radiator brand Lux Heat. They helped us against a very large company who tried to appeal our request. I feel we owe the success of our trademark to them. The service we received was brilliant, responsive and good value. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone looking for help with securing a trademark for their business.

Thanks again Trademark Eagle,

Lewis Birch, CEO

Luxus Design Ltd

Luxus Design Ltd


Trademark Eagle are an excellent and inclusive team.


My Company owns the heritage knitwear brand, MCGEORGE OF SCOTLAND. Trademark Eagle has worked with me for over 6 years, handling my portfolio of brands. I am always part of the processes for the different work that is done. This has included protecting my trademarks in several countries needed for our iconic brand including the United Kingdom, European Union, USA and Japan. We have also had to deal with long running difficult disputes, which at times have seemed relentless. But I have come to know the team at Trademark Eagle very well and we have a mutual respect of each other. They have supported me at every step, and I have trusted them to treat my brand as if it was personally their own.

Lorenzo Borre

CEO The Oracle Cashmere Limited

McGeorge of Scotland


They have my custom for life!!


Drgnfly is the name of one of my restaurants on the South Coast. For years I had used a top London firm. The advice I received was not to pursue the trademark I was set on. That was before finding Trademark Eagle. They fought our case and we won our mark! Since then I have used them for countless trade marks.

I have used Trademark Eagle to deal with filing and registering my trademarks and also, to provide legal services relating to trademark objections. Some of the disputes have been technically very difficult, but we have always achieved a good commercial outcome. Pleasingly, their advice is always clear and practical. Complex issues have been settled quickly with total cost transparency.

Mr S Eyers CEO

Drgnfly Group

Drgnfly Group

Drgnfly group logo

The service was very professional with frequent feedback on the progress of the application. Dealing with the same person throughout the process also ensured a more efficient process.

Joyshare Limited

A great service with excellent communication and genuine customer service at every step along the process.

Sausage and Roll Limited

Suasage & roll company logo

One word… Amazing!!! The team were professional, honest and very keen to help. After several conversations they helped us change our final company name and file with IPO…. Then after three months we got the trademark with no issues at all. Absolutely amazing and worth every penny. They prevented us using a company name which wouldn’t have passed IPO, saving us so much time and money. Perfect!

Bodytonic Limited

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