What we do

Trademark Eagle was established in 2012 and we file trademarks anywhere in the world. Our clients have entrusted us with over 4,000 UK trademark applications and around 900 EU marks, as well as trademarks filed elsewhere in the world. Our objective is to help you search, register and protect your trademark and our team is available to speak with you and also by live chat and email.

We are a team of experienced professionals including qualified trademark attorneys and solicitors specialising in UK, EU and International trademark protection for a wide range of businesses. We help businesses that are established as well as those just starting out. We offer a professional trademark registration and protection service, dedicated to ensuring that navigating trademark law remains both simple and affordable.

Trademark Eagle provides a straightforward easy to navigate online automated UK and EU trademark search facility backed up by UK based trademark professionals, Our sophisticated search software is supported by our outstanding customer care, which sets us apart in the industry. Your trademark is as important to us as it is to you.

We also have a team dedicated to dealing with trademark problems and if you have any concerns about your trademark – then contact us.

How to search your trademark

Professional advice

Trademark Eagle provides a free online trademark search system, where our customers can conduct preliminary searches to determine whether their trademark looks to be available. We recommend taking professional advice before proceeding with your trademark.

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Meet the team

We are proud to offer our clients a money-back guarantee on professional fees. With our team of trademark attorneys and professional representatives whose combined experience exceeds 60 years in trademark law, it is our objective to ensure this comfort won’t be needed.

Meet the team

We understand trademarks and the complexity of trademark law, from initial registration, to complex enforcement and protection around the world.

Jeanette Wood, CEO

Easy online three-step search and application process

We provide a free, no limits trademark search system online, which allows our customers to conduct preliminary searches to give an indication of whether their trademark may be available. The search tool uses the latest data available from both the UK and EU trademark registries so that you have the best information available.

Our unique search tool makes the trademark search and application process streamlined and easy to understand in just three simple steps with responsive online support from a highly professional team – that means absolutely no call centres. We do not charge for using our search facility to view potential conflicts and nor do you need to provide us your details until you decide to register your trademark using Trademark Eagle. It is essential you seek professional advice before adopting a trademark based on any automated search results.

Once you submit your application to proceed with us to file your trademark, you then have the reassurance of Trademark Eagle’s experienced team providing tailored advice. Our team of experts extend the search criteria and provide professional advice on additional important factors that are taken into account by the Registries, including advising whether your trademark complies with the current trademark law. The advice we provide ensures you can make important informed decisions ahead of committing to filing your trademark.

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Why we believe we are one of the leading online trademark registration services

  • The search and registration process is fully adapted to allow you to conduct preliminary searches of the UK and EU Registers as these rights are now separate, following the changes in trademark law since the UK’s exit from the EU.
  • Our search tool provides up to date information from both the UK’s Intellectual Property Office and the European Union Trademark Registry.
  • With every trademark application our clients ask us to process, we conduct our own trademark searches as no automated software system can provide or replicate the same legal advice as an experienced trademark expert.
  • If your trademark cannot be registered, or it is not sensible to file it, we will tell you and work with you to find an alternative, if that is appropriate.
  • Our filing costs are capped for searching and filing. We provide a money back guarantee, which applies if we advise you your trademark will be accepted under trademark law (this does not relate to third party objections) and the Examiner at the Registry rejects it.
  • We do not undertake any additional billable work without your specific agreement.
  • If it is necessary to undertake contentious work, we provide you with an estimate of this and our hourly rate is £275 exclusive of VAT. We have an excellent record with trademark disputes and believe in reaching sensible commercial resolutions, but not unnecessary damaging compromise.

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