While the connected world we live in today provides us with many benefits, the rise of the internet has led to a substantial increase in intellectual property infringement, too.

The theft, violation, or infringement of intellectual property rights can be incredibly destructive to the success of individuals and businesses.

The building of a reputation or brand using intellectual property takes time, money, and ingenuity, so it’s vital you actively protect this property by registering it as a patent, trade secret, copyright, or trade mark.

If you fail to properly register your intellectual property, it can be more difficult taking legal action against offenders. Cue, intellectual property services.

Fortunately, the professional team of qualified trade mark attorneys and in-house counsel at Trademark Eagle has years of invaluable experience helping companies to guard their intellectual property by identifying, registering, and protecting trade marks as soon as possible.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) covers everything from designs and copyrights to patents, trade marks, and trade secrets. IP simply refers to something intangible that has been created or invented through either creativity or human intellect.

This property can be protected by law and includes stories, songs, domain names, symbols, and images.

Why protect your intellectual property?

No one likes having their physical property stolen or used without their permission – and the same sentiment applies to intellectual property.

Not only can protecting your IP add financial value to your company, but it can also prevent other companies from imitating yours, help you avoid a costly rebrand, and build value in the eyes of potential investors and stakeholders that like the security of knowing your company name, products, and services have been trademarked.

How a trade mark attorney can help with Intellectual Property Services

Regardless of whether you want professional support with ensuring your trade mark is registered or you simply want to speed up the acceptance of your trade mark application, a qualified trade mark attorney can help.

They can speed up the process of submitting your application, which can make all the difference if you want to protect your business from third parties hoping to exploit your intellectual property.

No matter the size of your business, or which industry you operate in, an intellectual property lawyer can explain those rights which are applicable to your business, the best way to protect them, and provide you with a clear idea of the costs and time it will take to secure your trade mark.

Trademark Eagle’s Intellectual Property Services

Here at Trademark Eagle, we offer our clients a global range of professional Intellectual Property Services, including trade mark registration and protection services, advice on copyright, protection of designs as well as enforcement, cease and desist, infringement and protection of IP rights (including online and social media).

Trade mark monitoring services

If you sign up to our monitoring services, you will be notified of competing trade mark applications, and we can work with you to prevent damage to your valuable brands anywhere in the world and retain your investment in them.

Unparalleled customer service

While trade mark law can be complicated, our expert team makes navigating this complex topic straightforward. Known for our outstanding customer service, we’re there every step of the way, supporting businesses with their UK trade mark applications as well as their EU marks.

International portfolio management

International portfolio management is another area we specialise in, and are happy to provide tailored services for your business.

We can work with you to ensure your business has appropriate IP protection to operate securely in your chosen geographical locations as well as any future countries you may want to expand into. We’ll also make sure that your company has the opportunity to obtain relevant IP protection in all the classes of service or products it brings to the market.

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To instantly find out more about intellectual property and the wide range of related services, feel free to scroll down and explore our FAQs section.


Intellectual property services FAQs

Can intellectual property be transferred?

Yes, intellectual property can be transferred through licensing or assignment agreements. A license is a temporary transferral of intellectual property, whereas an assignment is the transfer of trademark rights to a new owner.

Can you buy intellectual property?

Yes, intellectual property can be sold and purchased like any other kind of property. However, these transactions can be more complex due to the intangible nature of the property. Trade marks can be purchased through a written legal agreement (contract) and the updating of the public register to reflect the new owner of the trade mark.

Can you insure intellectual property?

Yes, intellectual property insurance (commonly referred to as IP insurance) is specifically designed to protect your business against claims of IP infringement and help you to enforce your intellectual property rights.

As a result, this type of liability policy can be used to protect you from the considerable legal fees, damages and expenses involved in either enforcing your intellectual property rights or defending your company against claims of intellectual property infringement.

Is your company intellectual property?

Yes, your company name is a form of intellectual property as it’s something intangible that has been created by you. Once your register your company name with Companies House, no other business can register under exactly the same name.

You can increase this protection by registering the name as a trade mark and obtaining trade mark rights in tandem with registering your company name.

For expert guidance in relation to protecting your company name with a trade mark, contact the Trademark Eagle team.

What is intellectual property theft or violation?

While IP theft refers to the process of stealing and copying someone else’s intellectual property, IP violation covers any infringement of intellectual property rights. It is your responsibility to protect your intellectual property and seek legal action or advice if another individual or company infringes upon your IP rights.

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