I joined the company as Office Manager at the end of 2014 following a variety of administrative and managerial roles in the hospitality, business and travel sectors. My role involves a number of duties – from battling with service providers and wrestling toner cartridges into photocopiers to assisting our high level professionals with their cases and overseeing the administration team.

I came to the job with plenty of management and administration experience, but no specific trademark background – everything I have learnt has been taught to me along the way from our immediate team of professionals as well as through our external colleagues in a variety of countries around the world. I have a smattering of Turkish which occasionally comes in helpful.

What is your favourite hobby?
Gardening – fresh air, exercise, therapy (my Granny – a wise Scot – used to say “Get your hands in the good earth”), the pleasure of new flowers budding and being able to cook with produce I have nurtured…. just as well I have a tiny patch or I would have to ask to go onto a 3-day week.

Favourite holiday destination and why?
Bude in North Cornwall, it’s not exotic, but it is “home”, and it’s “boodiful”.

Most memorable travelling experience?
Being quarantined in Seville with my Mum just as covid struck – we were staying in the most amazing hotel which had been a convent, full of a very eclectic mix of “art”, and spent 4 days on the hotel roof in the sunshine playing cards and looking out over the city listening to the bells ring out from a vast number churches. We can’t wait to go back!

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