Full Trademark Service Vs Budget Trademark Service

Registering a trademark is an important step when you’re setting up a business and a trademark will serve as a badge of origin that gives your customers peace of mind regarding the services they receive and the quality of your products. It is your most important asset as it brings business to you. 

Trademarks can be made up of words, logos or both combined and they’re key for protecting your brand, as they define your products or services. Once you’ve registered a trademark, it will be easier to take action to prevent unauthorised use of it in the countries where you have it protected. This includes preventing infringements by other companies who are copying your trademark or passing themselves or their products off as being yours or related to you in some way. It can also prevent your competitors from adopting a similar trademark and helps you to stand out from the crowd. 

Fortunately, we make it as easy as possible to register a trademark and you can often complete your trademark application online, or you can deal directly with our staff in the UK. There are a few different online services available and you need to ensure you’re registering your trademark with the right company. From the outset, all online services might look the same and it can be easy to simply select the most affordable option. However, not all trademark registration companies provide the same level of service and using a ‘budget’ service can result in your application being rejected, or you may have problems with it down the line. 

Turning to a trusted and reliable company that provides a full trademark service, like Trademark Eagle, is always worthwhile. When compared to budget services, there are several benefits associated with full trademark registration services and below we have explored these in more detail. You can find out more about our fees and the process of registering a trademark with Trademark Eagle on our website. 

What Makes Trademark Eagle Different?

We have been in business since 2012 and we look after over 5,000 trademarks in the UK for our clients and more elsewhere. Once you have submitted your application on the Trademark Eagle website, our UK-based expert team will carefully review your application before going ahead with the registration process. 

It is important that we conduct our own assessment of a trademark to ensure that it complies with trademark law and that it meets the necessary criteria to be accepted by the Registry. We conduct our own trademark search to advise on acceptability and also to see whether there are similar marks that may be a problem to in using and registering a trademark. Part of the work we do on a client’s trademark is to check that it is being protected in the classes that are appropriate for the current business and also to try and future-proof it. To this end, we draft each specification for a trademark after discussing and reviewing the commercial needs of our clients and we suggest the classes appropriate for their business. 

When you apply for a trademark using our online service, we take care of each application as discussed above and we make sure the application is filed at the relevant registry. 

We file trademarks anywhere in the world and use the different systems that are most appropriate for our clients. We have a 99.5% success rate for trademark applications and we are so confident in our service that when you use our official search databases and follow our expert advice, we provide a money-back guarantee if your registration is objected to by the Registry. 

It’s worth noting that if there are any objections to your trademark application, whether they’re raised by the registry or a third party, we can support you through this process too. Our team of specialised staff include trademark attorneys who can provide you with an analysis of the objections and deal with these for you. We have a department that solely deals with difficulties that can arise with trademarks, including objections during the application process, dealing with enforcing a client’s rights, or defending trademarks for our clients. We also manage portfolios of trademarks that are protected in countries all around the world. We provide comprehensive legal services associated with trademarks.

The Benefits of Using a Full Trademark Service 

No matter whether you own a small business, a multinational corporation or are an individual, there are numerous benefits in using a full trademark service. Some of the many reasons why it’s worth turning to a trademark expert like Trademark Eagle include the following; 

Save Money on Multiple Failed Applications

There is no denying that trademark law is extremely complex and it’s important to ensure you’re getting professional trademark advice before applying to register a trademark. The full service we provide can significantly increase the likelihood of your first trademark application being successful and therefore, reduce the amount you spend on application fees.

If we think there may be an issue with proceeding with a trademark application, we will tell you and try and find ways to avoid a likely objection. It is really important that applicants are aware of potential problems which allow them to make informed commercial decisions ahead of proceeding with filing an application. Our service is very cost-effective in the long run, and it can prevent you from having to make several new applications.

Get the Full Protection You Need 

More often than not, your products or services will fall under more than one trademark class and to ensure you’re fully protected, you need to select all of the relevant classes. If you miss any classes during your application, there is a chance a competing business will adopt your trademark and register it themselves, damaging the rights in your brand. It will also be much more challenging to prevent the unauthorised use of your brand. Our experienced team will draft a description of your goods or services for you and suggest classes that you should select when applying for your trademark to ensure you get the protection you need.

What Happens Once Your Trademark is Registered?

The UK and EU Registries as examples, cannot refuse a trademark application just because somebody else has something identical or similar to it. They will notify us if, in their view, a similar mark is filed to one we have filed for a client. We tell our clients about these notifications so that they have the opportunity to object to a later competing application in order to prevent damage to their brand and business.  

If there are changes in law that affect a client’s trademark, then we let them know.

We are happy to carry out an audit of our clients’ rights to ensure they have protection for all their trademarks. Often styles of marks change and the goods or services evolve. So, checking the rights every so often is important.

Receive Reminders to Renew Your Trademark

Both UK and EU trademarks are only registered for 10 years after your application, and other countries sometimes have different renewal periods. It’s your responsibility to ensure you renew your trademark if it’s still required after 10 years and if you don’t conduct the renewal process, you will lose your trademark registration and this makes it harder to prevent a third party adopting or registering a competing trademark and you lose the rights of protection against a claim of infringement from a third party. Renewal can be conducted at any time during the six months preceding or following the expiry date and we will notify you when your renewal is due, so you don’t miss it. For busy business owners, this reminder is very useful. 

Get Some Trademark Advice in the UK 

There is no denying that using a full trademark service is always beneficial and you should avoid budget services. If you would like to register a trademark and you’re trying to find a company that offers a full trademark advice service, don’t hesitate to contact Trademark Eagle. With decades of experience in trademark registration, our team has extensive expertise, and we will ensure that your trademark journey is as straightforward as possible. 

You can start the registration process on our website today by using our up-to-date search tool to check for similar trademarks. Once you’ve decided on a trademark, you will be able to find all of the application information you need on our website too, or you can call us on 01223 208 624, or email enquiries@trademark-eagle.com.

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