What is the difference between a patent and intellectual property?

Unsure about the difference between patents and intellectual property? Fortunately, the expert team at Trademark Eagle can help to clear the confusion.

Below, we explain the definition of both patent and intellectual property as well as the relationship between them, so you’ll know exactly what these terms mean when it comes to protecting your brand and business.

What is the difference between a patent and intellectual property?

Put simply, the only difference between a patent and intellectual property is that a patent is a type of intellectual property that can be protected by rights.

This is because the term ‘intellectual property’ covers everything relating to creations of the mind, including designs, literary and artistic work, as well as names, logos, and inventions.

While other types of intellectual property exist, such as registered designs and trade marks, a patent is used specifically to protect a new product or process by giving the inventor exclusive government-issued rights.

While methods can be patent-protected, theories cannot. By way of illustrating, Amazon was able to patent its 1-Click ordering process which helped the company to streamline and significantly speed up its checkout service.

If another business, or even an individual, decides to manufacture, sell, or import a patent-protected product or process (without the inventor’s permission), then the inventor can take legal action to stop them from doing this.

As a result, the main advantage of obtaining a patent for your new invention is that you have legal protection to help prevent another individual or company from benefitting from your work.

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