In short, our trademark watching service will:

  • Keep you informed of any attempts to register the same or similar trademarks to your own.
  • Help you to assert your trademark rights.
  • Ensure your brand remains untarnished and secure.

For many brand owners, registering a trademark is just the beginning of a strategy for protecting their brands.

In order to maintain the value and protection for your brand, it is essential to ensure that you are aware of any third parties attempting to obtain the same or similar trademarks to your own. As the trademark Registrars will accept matching trademarks without objection, it is necessary for brand owners to police the Register and to defend and enforce their rights. Many companies devise strategies to monitor and respond to the imitation and unauthorised use of their registered trademarks.

In order to best protect your trademark, Trademark Eagle strongly recommend you subscribe to a name watching service. Our Trademark Watching service will keep you informed of applicants attempting to register highly similar or identical trademarks to your own, either worldwide (in more than 200 countries), or on a regional/national basis. We can then assist you through the process of objecting and, where possible, advise you on the merits of taking further action in the country or countries involved.

Prices vary depending on jurisdiction and client requirements, so, to find out more please call us on 01223 208 624.

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