The Expert Trademark Review, which is included as part of Trademark Eagle’s registration package, will provide you with valuable information including:

Details of results and analysis.

We will provide you with details of identical and similar marks. We’ll let you know who their owners are, and whether or not they would be informed of your own application by the Trademarks Registry.

Legal examination advice

We will give you our expert opinion on whether your proposed trademark meets the necessary criteria to function as a trademark and be accepted by the Trademark Registry. In addition, we will advise you whether third party trademark registrations or applications may impact upon your trademark, and how this may affect the commercial use of it. As appropriate, we will give you advice on how to improve chances of a successful registration.

Application advice.

We will provide advice on whether you should proceed with filing an application, and whether we can offer our guarantee for your trademark application. This advice is extremely valuable and could save you from wasting hundreds of pounds in application fees for a trademark that may not succeed.

Our on-going commitment.

Once you have decided to file an application, we will provide you with a description of the goods and services appropriate for your business, ensuring your trademark application is correctly classified. As part of our on-going commitment to ensure the best outcome for your trademark application, we will also provide you with additional goods and services which might be appropriate to future expansion of your business. We will discuss with you who should own the trademark, and which jurisdiction is most appropriate for your business.

"One word... Amazing!!! The team were professional, honest and very keen to help. After several conversations they helped us change our final company name and file with IPO.... Then after three months we got the trademark with no issues at all. Absolutely amazing and worth every penny. They prevented us using a company name which wouldn't have passed IPO, saving us so much time and money. Perfect!"

Bodytonic Limited
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Trademark Eagle can conduct your searches for you!

Trademark Eagle provides specialist trademark advice in order to assess the likely success of an application to register your trademark. Our Expert Trademark Review costs £95.00 + VAT. This Review is built into the prices of our UK and EU Trademark Applications.

If you are unsure whether to commit to full registration costs, you can purchase the Expert Trademark Review for the UK or EU trademark. We recommend this service when you are not sure if a mark is clear for usage or when you have multiple names to choose from.

Should you decide to proceed with applying for the trademark following an expert Trademark Review, we will take £95.00 off the price of your trademark application fee.

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