If somebody is using your registered trademark (or something confusingly similar) without your consent, then it is likely that they are infringing on your trademark. In this case, action to prevent damage to your business may be necessary.

A cease and desist letter is a document which states or suggests that the recipient is potentially infringing somebody else’s trademark, and demands that they refrain from the unlawful use of the mark. This is typically the first step in dealing with passing off, infringement, or trademark theft.

Trademark Eagle will begin by reviewing your situation, so that we can understand your position and advise you on your rights. Our trade mark attorneys are accustomed to dealing with all manner of trademark disputes, and can help you in understanding the full extent of your trademarks rights. We recognise the need for cost-effective negotiation, and are sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses of each particular case. If you have received a cease and desist letter from a third party, you should take professional advice immediately. Legal deadlines are usually included in the demands, and ignoring them might result in you being sued without further notice.

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