Are you looking to apply for trademark? If the answer to that question is yes, you need to visit the Trademark Eagle website today. Based on the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border, we are an established business that help you through the trademark registration process in a number of easy steps. We understand the service you are looking for, and can help you no matter your location and your needs as we’re online. Our main aim as a business is to ensure your journey with us is as easy and efficient as possible, always leaving our customers 100% satisfied.

When you register your trademark online with us, we always ensure that your application is filed at the relevant Registry. This will show the trademark exactly as it is to be registered. Your application will provide details of the goods and services to be protected, the name and address of who you want the trademark to be assigned to, and confirm that the statutory fees have been paid. Applying for a trademark is a vital step your business needs to take because if you don’t register your trademark - someone else can. Securing a registered trademark protects your brand, and provides you with the tools to prevent someone using similar signs and riding off the back of your business.

We have a team of Trademark Attorneys and professional representatives with their experience exceeding 60 years in trademark law. The team that undertake the searches are seasoned professionals who provide sound legal and commercial advice. If your trademark cannot be registered, or it is not sensible to file it, we will tell you and work with you to find an alternative, if that is appropriate.


If you are looking to apply for a trademark, why not contact a member of our staff today? Either give us a call on 0800 011 3229 or fill in the contact form on our website. Fill in all the relevant information and one of our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Trademark Eagle has extensive expertise amongst its trademark attorneys and administrators, true experts in the work we do.